J. V. Stalin


Excerpts from a Speech Delivered
at a Joint Meeting of the Presidium of
the Executive Committee of the Comintern and
the International Control Commission

September 27, 1927

Published in the magazine
Kommunisticbesky Internatsional,
No. 41, October 14, 1927

From J. V. Stalin, On the Opposition,
Foreign Languages Press, Peking, 1974

pp. 850-63.

Based on J. V. Stalin, Works,
Foreign Languages Publishing House,
Moscow, 1954

Vol. 10, pp. 158-72.

Prepared © for the Internet by David J. Romagnolo, [email protected] (December 1997)

The articles and speeches by J. V. Stalin contained in English edition of On the Opposition follow the order of the Russian edition put out by the State Publishing House of the Soviet Union in 1928. The English translation, including the notes at the end of the book, is taken from Stalin's Works, Vols. 5-10, Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1953-54, with some technical changes.

    References in Roman numerals to Lenin's Works mentioned in the text are to the third Russian edition. The English references are indicated by the publisher in footnotes.

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